Wants Stability By Means Of Patience.

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Expanded Info

Baro! The metropolis of the galaxy and the birthplace of life. It is a land of shifting sands, vast canyons, and grand mountains. The mountains are the most dangerous area to travel to on the planet, filled to the brim with Boulder Dragons. The planets underbelly is a complex crystal cave system, referred to as the “Relohex”. The gems that come from the Relohex are used as the primary power source on the planet. These gems also allowed the inhabitants of Baro to build a thriving civilization, reaching the center of the planet itself. This metallic city is the home of millions of inorganic robots and golems that are ruled over by Humungous Ancient Rock Man.

Card Text

Once per turn, you can swap around the Power & Health of 1 Baro Creature on your planet. At the end of your opponent's next turn, they are swapped back.


Baro is the most defense planet, made for playing long and drawn out using as few cards as possible until your opponent runs out of resources where you attack all at once.

  • Control
  • Stat Swamping
  • Card Draw

Locations On Baro

  • Mountain Stronghold
  • Relohex Mine
  • Violet Stone Valley

Art Advice

In terms of design Baro is pretty simple. Metal, gems, sand, rocks, and occasionally glass. The organic creatures should be reptilian or Jurassic in nature, with a rough and jagged appearance. While the robots from Gen 1 era are based on golems, more blocky shaped, and highly defensive. While the Gen 3 era robots tend to hover instead of walking, have smooth metallic plating, and are less defensive and based on creatures from other planets to blend into there surroundings while exploring other planets in the galaxy. With the Gen 2 bots are from the planet Copex. - Gavora


  • During the Sindius War the Baro built a super laser on the planet Zararaz!
  • During the Sindius War the Baro built an artificially constructed planet called Copex.
  • Baro means mud in Spanish.
  • "Baro is communist." - Muffet
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