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"Hello! And welcome to the Chaos Galaxy TCG Wiki! This wiki is for the purposes of organizing the canon and non-canon lore, art, concept art, videos, rules, decks, and trivia. Keep in mind a page may be unofficial or not fully complete. If you wish to contribute, it will be very much appreciated." - Gavora


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What is Chaos Galaxy:

Chaos Galaxy is a Trading Card Game (TCG) created and developed by Zack Michael, a British artist, and card game developer. The aim of the game is for a player to gain 20 points in order to win by using Creatures, Resources, Attachments, and Activator cards to their advantage before their opponent; requiring players to build unique decks in order to battle. Each player also must choose a Planet card which their creatures will take-arms upon. Each Planet holds its own creatures and benefits and grants special abilities if the player chooses to use it. There are 7 Planets so far in the canon game: Sheos, Palicium, Baro, Gaios, Sindell, Sindian and Rokah.

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