Wants Perfection By Means Of Brutality.

Basic Info

For the Motherland!!!!!

Expanded Info

Palicium is the frozen motherland, with its most predominant environmental feature being its cold glacier terrain covered in dense snow. Meaning most of its creatures are best suited for below-freezing conditions. During an unknown point in the past, the planet was a fertile land similar to that of Gaios, and contained a grand civilization called Ralantis, and was once the pinnacle of perfection. That was until the ice age, in which the temperature of the planet rapidly dropped as it drifted further from the sun, killing all creatures unable to adapt. Quickly after, Ralantis was sunk into the sea by the Kranchon. The planet has been mostly inactive over the years, until a Baro survey team rediscovered the planet in its current state.

Card Text

You Can Kill 2 Palicium creatures on your planet that have a coombined total of 6 Stars Or Less To Free Play Any 1 Palicium Creature From You Hand.


The planet Palicium is one of the seven current planets that a player can choose to play with. Palicium focuses on cheating out bigger creatures by using the planet's ability to sack weaker 1 to 4 star creatures to bring out big 7 to 8 star creatures to crush your foes with.

  • Free Playing
  • Combos
  • Zone Creation

Art Advice

"Palicium creatures are pretty clear cut, and tend to be based around large sea life. While others are creatures that live in the arctic. Their color palette reflects their environment to a T, with rich blues and whites making up their designs." - Gavora


  • Palicium once had a large moon called Kryzo.
  • Many creatures that live in the Palicium ocean have an infrared vision.
  • Anyone who plays Palicium is an angry Russian.
  • Foo was here.
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