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Chaos Galaxy Set 1: The Origins of Chaos was released January 20, 2017 and contained 100 cards with 2 exclusive fan made cards added in the Set 1 Battle Box released June 19, 2017.

The Meta

List of Cards

Name Card Type Planet Rarity ID
Manflaki Creature Sheos Common P:001
Humungous Ancient Rock Man Creature Baro Really Rare P:002
Demented Chicken Guy Creature Sindell Common P:003
Orbov Creature Sindian Rare P:004
Hoblog Creature Gaios Common P:005
Vazoozoo Creature Rokah Common P:006
Thousand Eyed Fish Creature Palicium Common P:007
B.O.B. - 2699 Creature Baro Common P:008
Transponge Creature Palicium Common P:009
Blaarg Creature Sindell Common P:010
Kranchon Creature Palicium Ridiculously Rare P:011
Pyraknight Creature Sheos Common P:012
Trekatrenk Creature Gaios Common P:013
Tonexx Creature Sindian Really Rare P:014
Jet Punch Creature Rokah Common P:015
Floating Rock With Non-Floating Rock On Top Creature Rokah Common P:016
Cloudicorn Creature Sindian Common P:017
Kronk Creature Baro Common P:018
Angeleetle Creature Sindian Common P:019
Pelfam Creature Sindell Rare P:020
Aquaknight Creature Palicium Common P:021
Meltalon Creature Sheos Rare P:022
Scythesect Creature Gaios Common P:023
Flappy Dragon Creature Rokah Common P:024
Desert Dancer Creature Baro Common P:025
Sparki Creature Sheos Common P:026
Bogibooga Creature Sindian Common P:027
Zinzaa Creature Rokah Common P:028
Aditrox Creature Baro Common P:029
Guster Creature Rokah Rare P:030
Drangel Creature Sindian Common P:031
Magmol Creature Sheos Common P:032
Viridious The Devourer Creature Gaios Rare P:033
Jelly Fisht Creature Palicium Common P:034
Bouldwhip Creature Sheos Common P:035
Paradrax Creature Sindian Common P:036
Floop Creature Gaios Common P:037
De Creature Baro Rare P:038
Schwaggle Creature Palicium Common P:039
Tononononononon Creature Sindell Common P:040
Seed Blaster Creature Gaios Common P:041
Hellda Creature Sindell Common P:042
Aeroknight Creature Rokah Common P:043
Slush Creature Sindell Rare P:044
Sucker Slug - Face Combiner Creature Gaios Common P:045
Sucker Slug - Other Face Combiner Creature Gaios Common P:046
Island Beast - Mountain Combiner Creature Baro Common P:047
Island Beast - Plain Combiner Creature Baro Common P:048
Tentaclon - Tentacles Combiner Creature Palicium Common P:049
Tentaclon - Head Combiner Creature Palicium Common P:050
Creature Conjurer Resource Rare P:051
Resource Conjurer Resource Common P:052
Point Resource Common P:053
Mystical Relic - Golden Chalice Resource Common P:054
Galaxy's Gift Resource Common P:055
Charge Blaster Resource Common P:056
Relohex Power Crystal Resource Common P:057
Starpath Resource Common P:058
Orbit Resource Common P:059
Bone Ladder Resource Common P:060
Desert Quake Resource Common P:061
The Secret of the Floating Rock Resource Common P:062
The Magical Zemelion Tree Resource Common P:063
Fire Bolt Resource Common P:064
Divine Doom Resource Really Rare P:065
Swirlpool Resource Common P:066
Cosmic Treasure Resource Common P:067
Rewind Wormhole Resource Common P:068
Galaxy Crash Resource Ridiculously Rare P:069
Bolide Comet Resource Common P:070
Slush Investation Permanent
Common P:071
Terramorphing Permanent
Rare P:072
Bullwarder Permanent
Common P:073
Temple of the Archangels Permanent
Common P:074
Super Secret Morale Boosting 3 Way Secret Handshake Permanent
Common P:075
The Upside Down Realm Permanent
Common P:076
Warphole Territory Permanent
Rare P:077
Galafection Permanent
Common P:078
Parallel Universe Permanent
Really Rare P:079
K.O. Attachment Rare P:080
Galactisaber Attachment Common P:081
Galactihelm Attachment Common P:082
Naked Attachment Common P:083
Eternity Amulet Attachment Rare P:084
Pentarelicus Attachment Common P:085
Ice Elixir Attachment Common P:086
Blaze Elixir Attachment Common P:087
Icaretta Attachment Common P:088
Semi - Omniplanitary Disguise Attachment Common P:089
Acid Stalk Cloud Attachment Common P:090
Smackenism Attachment Common P:091
For Sale Sign Attachment Rare P:092
Phantom Matter Attachment Really Rare P:093
Sheos Planet Common P:094
Baro Planet Common P:095
Sindell Planet Common P:096
Sindian Planet Common P:097
Gaios Planet Common P:098
Rokah Planet Common P:099
Palicium Planet Common P:100
Eden, Protector of Fire Creature Sheos Limited Edition P:101
Galactic Shapeshifter Resource Limited Edition P:102

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