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Chaos Galaxy Set 2: Deep Space Discoveries was released November 2, 2017 and contained 100 cards with 4 exclusive fan made cards added in the Set 2 Battle Box released March 14, 2018. It introduced the new Activator cards as well as No Planet Creatures.

The Meta

Yeet Yeet Yeet Yeet

List of Cards

Name Card Type Planet Rarity ID
Bracktooth Creature Sindell Common P2:001
Elite Drangel Creature Sindian Really Rare P2:002
Bubbo Creature Palicium Common P2:003
Super Spicy Curry Man Creature Sheos Common P2:004
Fledge Creature Rokah Common P2:005
Ploob Creature Sindian Common P2:006
Gigantross Creature Gaios Rare P2:007
Grouknight Creature Baro Common P2:008
Cryocross Creature Palicium Rare P2:009
Fraxle Creature Sheos Common P2:010
Tope Swiner Creature Gaios Common P2:011
Pebblo Creature Baro Common P2:012
Wakooman Creature Sindell Common P2:013
Wild Wing Creature Rokah Rare P2:014
Squiddle Creature Palicium Common P2:015
Pointy Bogibooga Creature Sindell Common P2:016
Elite Kronk Creature Baro Common P2:017
Aubade Commander Creature Sheos Really Rare P2:018
Tikitok Creature Gaios Common P2:019
Star Absorber Creature Rokah Rare P2:020
Spine Back Serpent Creature Palicium Common P2:021
Diviknight Creature Sindian Common P2:022
Demoknight Creature Sindell Common P2:023
Molten Mage Creature Sheos Common P2:024
Cataplonk Creature Baro Common P2:025
Pecky Creature Rokah Common P2:026
Gomp Creature Gaios Rare P2:027
Halix Creature Sindian Common P2:028
Space PatrolMan Cerature Rokah Common P2:029
Frozzbozz Creature Palicium Common P2:030
Natuknight Creature Gaios Common P2:031
Quatreaga Creature Sindell Rare P2:032
Doopab Creature Sindian Common P2:033
Apploo Creature Gaios Common P2:034
Diamonizard Creature Baro Rare P2:035
The Krawlock Creature Sheos Common P2:036
Diabocadra Creature Palicium Rare P2:037
Weatherman Soun Creature Rokah Common P2:038
Weatherman Clood Creature Rokah Common P2:039
Weatherman Snooflake Creature Palicium Common P2:040
Weatherman Sounshine Creature Sheos Common P2:041
Infiknight Creature No Planet Really Rare P2:042
Astral Traveller Creature No Planet Common P2:043
Omnius The Planet Abomination Creature No Planet Ridiculously Rare P2:044
Weatherman Raynboo -Sun Combiner Creature Rokah Common P2:045
Weatherman Raynboo - Rain Combiner Creature Rokah Common P2:046
Sky Sentinal - West Combiner Creature Sindian Common P2:047
Sky Sentinal - East Combiner Creature Sindian Common P2:048
Gehenna - Gehenn's Touch Combiner Creature Sindell Common P2:049
Gehenna - Gehenn's Sight Combiner Creature Sindell Common P2:050
Battle Conjurer Resource Common P2:051
Disarm Resource Common P2:052
Enderman's Telescope Resource Common P2:053
Pointree Resource Common P2:054
Double Worm Hole Resource Common P2:055
Universe Boundary Resource Common P2:056
Super Nova Resource Really Rare P2:057
Combustion Resource Common P2:058
Galactibow Resource Common P2:059
Planet Pathway Resource Common P2:060
Telepathic Touch Resource Rare P2:061
Meteoroid Storm Resource Rare P2:062
Ukighted Resource Common P2:063
Zonal Destruction Resource Common P2:064
Angel Share Resource Common P2:065
Abandonment Resource Rare P2:066
The Columns Of Creation Resource Ridiculously Rare P2:067
Collectors Cabinet Permanent Resource Common P2:068
The Sacred Reef Permanent Resource Common P2:069
Mystical Relic - Gilded Compass Permanent Resource Common P2:070
Deep Space Checkpoint Permanent Resource Common P2:071
Shmonyo The Judge Permanent Resource Common P2:072
Weather Machine Permanent Resource Common P2:073
Treasure Swamp Permanent Resource Common P2:074
Power Proof Suit Attachment Common P2:075
Barish Sands Attachment Rare P2:076
Pointpike Attachment Common P2:077
Starship XXS Attachment Common P2:078
Enchantment Chest Attachment Common P2:079
Antithamulet Attachment Rare P2:080
Mountain Stronghold Attachment Common P2:081
Double Sided Spear Attachment Rare P2:082
Benevolence Attachment Common P2:083
Guardian Mutant Space Worm Attachment Common P2:084
Star Dealer Activator Common P2:085
Beast Of The Black Hole Activator Really Rare P2:086
Fire Wall Activator Common P2:087
Crash Landing Activator Common P2:088
Planetary Field Activator Common P2:089
Emergency Escape Pod Activator Common P2:090
You Should Not Have Done That Activator Common P2:091
Erratic Void Activator Rare P2:092
Relohex Mine Activator Common P2:093
Shoes Planet Common P2:094
Baro Planet Common P2:095
Sindell Planet Common P2:096
Sindian Planet Common P2:097
Gaios Planet Common P2:098
Rokah Planet Common P2:099
Palicium Planet Common P2:100
Dromadacus Creature Baro Limited Edition P2:101
The Planet Robron Attachment Limited Edition P2:102
Galaxy Patrolamn Creature No planet Limited Edition P2:103
Slush Machine Permanent Resource Limited Edition P2:104
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