Wants Power By Means Of Self Sacrifice.

Basic Info

Sheos is an incredibly hot and rocky planet. Volcanoes and magma cover most of its surface and any life on the planet has adapted to it's incredible temperatures. It is the closest planet to the Sun. It may be many millennia before Sheos could be inhabited by regular life.

Expanded Info

Since Sheos orbits extremely close to the sun, it produces high levels of internal and external heat. Melting rock into magma, which erupts out of the volcanoes that surround the planet. Sheos is second most geologically active world in the galaxy, with volcanic obsidian plates shifting as they glide on the flowing lava lakes. Ash and molten fireballs rain down from above. The planets skyline is always filled with ash and bright solar flashes.

Card Text

After every third Sheos creature's death on your planet by an enemy attack or creature ability, you draw one card.


Sheos is extraordinarily aggressive, where your aim is to chip away at your opponent quickly, burning through resources to finish the game as quickly as possible.

  • Card Draw
  • Zone Destruction
  • Point Gain

Locations On Sheos

  • Mount Eos
  • Lava Pathway
  • Sheosian Lava Pits
  • Incineswamp

Art Advice

At first, the planet may seem like a stereotypical magma planet like Mustafar from Star Wars, where the creatures are based on just fire and magma. However, t here are a lot of elements that can influence the aesthetics that make up a Sheos creature. From plasma, lightning, ancient patterns, slag to obsidian. So be willing to experiment when making art for the contest. - Gavora


  • Water immediately evaporates on this planet.
  • Sheos is Zack's least favorite planet to make art for.
  • This planets original effect was "All Sheos creatures on your planet gain 50 power". This was likely changed for balancing reasons.
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