Wants Change By The Means Of Destruction.

Basic Info

Sindell, the counterpart Planet from Sindian, is also referred to as the "Hell Planet" as most of its creatures own evil characteristics. Sindell and Sindian used to be part of one planet, called Sindius, however, the part that became Sindell was bent on spreading destruction across the galaxy while the part that became Sindian wanted to spread peace. The constant fighting between the two very different races caused Baro to split the planet in two with their super laser. Now only a bridge connects the two planets.

Expanded Info

Sindell is the first of the two halves of the once complete planet Sindius, separated from its core itself. One may

think of Sindell as a monstrous landscape resembling hell at first glance, (We prefer it that way!), yet the truth is that Sindell itself is more of a place of contraction, confusion, and madness, not truly fire and brimstone like Sheos is, but still hell-like. A place brimming with dark and whimsical imaginative nightmares.

Card Text

Every time a Sindell creature on your planet is killed by an attack or creature ability, you gain 1 Star.


Sindell is all about your dead cards, destroying your own creatures to gain advantage.

  • Graveyard Control
  • Point and Star Gain/Loss
  • Bounce

Locations On Sindell

  • The Pumpkin Patch
  • Ghatomic Wastland
  • Skull Island
  • The Graveyard
  • Crossbones Headquarters
  • The Necropolis
  • Skelek Catacombs
  • Mountains of Misery
  • The Bridge

Art Advice

Dark and bright literature and art should inspire the

designs for the freakish creatures that live on Sindell, from the works and illustrations from Roald Dahl, Dr. Seuss, Tim Burton, and Ivan Albright. Made from slush and bones, with colors of vivid purples, reds, and green neon and black, making the viewers unconsciously think of the Joker from Batman, giving the creatures a consistent color palette of unsettling cohesion. When mixed with the concepts of Sheos, Sindell truly takes on the orange and red flair of hellfire. While the waters of Palicium shape Sindell creatures into unfathomable eldritch horrors. When Gaios and its theme of natural life is involved, Sindell twists Gaios on its head, with the use of thorns, weeds, ivy, and deadly toxins. Overall the feeling that resides over Sindell is one of unending angst, with glimpses of “joy” hiding in the shadows. - Gavora


  • Two guardians stay on either end of the bridge to ensure safety among their half.
  • Did you know; Sindell and Sindian used to be just one planet called Sindius!
  • The Emperor of Sindell ruled over the planet during the Sindius War.
  • Most creatures on Sindell eat bones as a food source.
  • It has the most archetypes of any planet with 3 (Skele,Ghatomic,Skullcross)
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