Wants Peace By The Means Of Control.

Basic Info

Sindian, Sindell's counterpart, also known as the "Heaven Planet". Its' creatures consist of light, and good things.

Expanded Info

Sindian is the other half of the former planet Sindius, a place of order, law, and peace. And at first glance, anyone visiting the planet of light would think it is a land of extravagance and paradise. Yet behind the facade of nobility and righteousness, Sindian is a land of internal regret. Why is this you may ask? Well you see, the nobility primarily holds regret for allowing Baro to separate Sindian from its core, while the populace has regret for having to take part in the Sindius War in the first place. Now the entire planet is on more of a defensive outlook, ensuring the protection of the meek and making sure they don't make such a bold mistake ever again.

Card Text

Whilst there are 2 or more Sindian creatures on your planet, your opponent cannot attack the one with the lowest Health.


Sindian is about having a large force of creatures that are alive.

  • Protecting
  • Control / Tactical
  • Zone Creation

Art Advice

Aesthetically, the lesser tier creatures of Sindian should be small, round, puffy and soft looking, and cute. Very cute. These lower star creatures are very passive and don't shape the world, and serve as civil servants, merchants, and farmers. The mid-tier creatures of Sindian have feathered wings, ride on clouds and rainbows, while wearing halos, the perfect image of an angel right? Well not quite... They don't appear as creatures of “pure perfection”. With creatures like Cloudicorn, Angeleetle, and Ploob, they are more like creatures of lesser divinity with their imperfections. Drangel, on the other hand, is of greater power and is a depiction of a higher-level member of Sindian nobility. The nobles being that of incomprehensible chimeras, similar to bizarre descriptions of angels described by Ezekiel. With their job of maintaining the border between Sindell and Sindian. It is their duty to protect the planet from all forms of infiltration, acting as a sort of elite guard, constantly watching in case of a Sindell invasion. And making sure no lesser tier creature crosses the bridge and joins the forces of darkness. - Gavora


  • Did you know; Sindell and Sindian used to be just one planet called Sindius!
  • Sindian is Gavora's least favorite planet to make art for.
  • The Emperor of Sindian ruled over the planet during the Sindius War.
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